what are the benefits of using polystyrene balls

polystyrene ball are made up of a polymer which itself is made up by joining together numerous monomers. Any idea what are these monomers? These are obtained by the fractional distillation of the petroleum. A material made up of such a powerful monomer is obliged to offer various benefits to the users.

Benefits of using the polystyrene balls and polystyrene sheets:

Want to use the polystyrene balls to fill the beanbag chair? That’s a convenient way of making a useful product. Further benefits offered by these balls are as follows:

· These balls are light in weight and so come in handy. To make sure people don’t have any doubt about its strength, it is said that even though they are light in weight, they are durable and strong.

· The foam formed from these balls for packaging purposes keeps the material stored within it safe and sound. It makes it easy to ship delicate material.

· Its size offers a great benefit as they can be formed in various sizes as well as shapes. The big balls are used for arts and crafts purposes. Moreover the polystyrene beads can be used for decorating purposes.

· Although they aren’t recycled but they are easy to make.